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Select Your Member Type

New Company Member?

If you are joining BISG, welcome! Below, please select the best membership level that best describes your company. For example, if you are a commercial trade publisher, please select "Company Business."

Note, that all memberships require payment to become an official member of BISG. The only exception of this is the Non-Member below, which allows you to access much of the website, register for events, and download files (without the membership discount).

Are you an employee of a member company?

If so, then please select whichever employee option below best fits your company and then. For example, if you are an employee of a BISG member company, please select "Company Employee" and fill in your information. Later in the process, it will ask you which BISG member company you work at. 

For Non-Member Employees & Companies

Please note, if the company you work for is not a member of BISG, please select "non-member" as your membership type, even if you are a public library, public library employee, non-profit company, a non-profit employee, a commercial company, or general company employee.



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